Monthly Archives: November 2010

Even the police feel the cold

4.15pm Even the police feel the cold as they check in to a coffee shop to warm up


Crowd disperses, only a few hundred left at Trafalgar Square

The crowd of protesters has dispersed from Trafalgar Square and the March seems to be coming to an end.

Some protesters on their way to leave were complaining of a “blizzard” and of being very cold.

Police have allowed the crowd to leave in small groups via northern exits, avoiding Parliament and Buckingham Palace.

Kettle appears firmly on: trickle still allowed out from one exit

London Student journalists are reporting conflicts with police lines beginning to develop, as Trafalgar square becomes more securely sealed.

As people try to break through a police barrier near the Canadian Embassy, bottles are thrown, fireworks are let off and there are clashes between police and protesters.

Protesters now allowed out through north side

3.30pm SOAS students distribute tea for 50p

After initially blocking all exits, police have now opened up one exit north to allow protesters to leave from Trafalgar Square.

4000 on march, early estimates suggest

Early estimates from marchells and organisers are that 4000 protesters are out on todays march, though in different, seperate groups accross London.