NUS President hits out

Aaron Porter, president of the NUS and Alan Whitaker, president of UCU this morning clearly set out their plan to “send a firm message” to the government with today’s national demonstration.

Answering questions from student media around the country Whitaker stated that the case of the NUS and UCU is “absolutely watertight” and that government plans to cut the deficit so rapidly are based on a purely “ideological imperative.”

Commenting particularly on the hit that arts and humanities subjects will take, and how this will deter students from studying arts, Porter stated that “students should choose their courses for academic reasons, not on financial grounds.”

However, despite their firm stance both Porter and Whittaker called for a “peaceful, sober demonstration” that would add gravitas to the campaign and student cause, condemning in advance any violence that may arise as a result of today’s protest.

They also added that theirs is not a party political protest although it is of course a tory policy that they are opposing.

By Rebecca Jones
Features Editor CUB Magazine

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