Passers-by caught up in the spirit

Mark, an observer caught at the edge of the march said:

“It seems reasonably peaceful. People from all walks. Will it make a difference? I don’t know. I think people will listen but I’m not sure they’ll act.”

Brian, a photographer observing the march said: “It’s a good idea to protest but it probably won’t have any effect. Not enough people willing to protest but it’s good some people are.”
Brian added that he is opposed to the cuts.
Kay, a project manager said: “How can the kids be our future if they have all these cuts.”

There are feelings of solidarity with the students and lecturers marching today from all over London: Office worker Eileen Kelly says “We would never have stood for it, education should be one of the most important sectors, not one of the first to be cut.” Ed Ruthers, who works in Shaftesbury Avenue will later be attending the march. He commented “It is a mistake by the coalition to cut so drastically, I will be there to support and sympathise. I regret my vote for Nick Clegg.”


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