Students Storm Millbank Tower

Students have stormed Millbank Tower, shouting ‘Tory scum’.

They threw flowers nicked from plant pots, released green gas, and shouted at staff before leaving.

From outside they proceeded to smash numerous windows, hurled wood and other objects at the building.

Susanna, who works in the building, said: “It’s outrageous. Bit misplaced considering this isn’t even a Tory organisation.” Students then proceeded to smash windows. As yet, reports of whether the Conservative Party are still based in Millbank Tower have not been conclusive. Offices were used by the party during the election campaign, but it is believed that these were vacated after the election. This has not stopped students from launching wooden missiles at windows of the building. In addition, a peaceful protest is taking place inside the lobby of the tower, with a police cordon hemming the protesters in.

Reactions to the action at Millbank Tower have been mixed. Tom Wilson, from Rose Bruford Drama School, said: “I don’t give a fuck if a window gets smashed. It needs to be known. We’re serious.”
Holly Ellis, from the same drama school, differed in her opinion: “I agree with what we’re protesting for but not in the way some are going about it.”

Student have now started bonfires outside the Tory headquarters, shouting, “No ifs, no buts, no education cuts’

Jamie Ellis, from Plymouth Uni, held alight a burning placard saying, “Making a statement”.


One response to “Students Storm Millbank Tower

  1. This is not good news. I can’t stand the Tories. But this just helps them. Breaking in, vandalism etc really is not the answer! Keep the march peaceful guys. It’s a demonstration not a riot. I’m sure the media would love to turn a story about the shocking and disgusting proposal to raise tuition fees to a level that only the elite could afford into a story about rioting. Don’t let them have the material to do it.

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