UCL student supports Browne

First reported on BBC online:

Tom Palmer, economics student, London, said:

I am a third year student at UCL. Having looked at the Browne Report and the arrangements that have been proposed by the UK government since, nothing seems to be particularly unreasonable. We are going through huge government cuts and to expect higher education to be exempt from that would only mean greater cuts to other departments.

Higher education holds the key to innovation and growth so it is important that they are able to recoup the losses from the government cuts – the logical way of doing so being increased fees. I am from a lower middle class background and if my fees were structured as proposed it would not stop me from going to university.

I would know that I would pay back the fees based on income in the future and would have nothing to do with the background from which I came. That means those who earn the most will pay a greater sum each year than those who earn less.

I get frustrated at my fellow undergraduates who argue that fees should not be increased – students have been largely unaffected by the crisis that has taken place over recent years, it’s time that we feel the pinch too.

I am worried to a certain extent about the job market and that we will be affected by the cuts. But it is also good news to see that the private sector is picking up and more jobs will come.


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