Clare Solomon speaks on Jeremy Vine

Clare Solomon is engaging in numerous media appearances today as her stance on the Milbank protests gains recognition.

Solomon said: “I think it’s great that we managed to engage in a legitimate form of protests… I don’t know what people expected students to do.”

She added: “It’s really not surprising that students are angry which every student on that protest was.”

Solomon says she went into the building before the building windows were smashed.

“I went in there with a number of my students and filmed and protested in a legitimate form of protest,” she said.

Solomon also claims that she, “didn’t see any students behaving violently.”

Solomon spoke on the radio show along with a Conservative MP, who referred to Solomon’s comments as a “tirade”.

The MP added: “Education has never been free. Education is paid for out of the taxes of ordinary working people.”

Clare asked the MP if he paid for his education. He replied saying that he went to college, never went to university and that he did pay his own way.

He added: “You are not doing the people you represent any favours… There is an intelligent argument to make.”

Clare responded by asking Roger if he was calling her uneducated.

Solomon claimed the BBC have “chosen” not to show the police “goading” protesters.

Clare hasn’t seen the video of a student dropping a fire extinguisher because she’s been “too busy” appearing in the media. However, Clare professes to condemn acts of personal violence. Asked if she felt that criminal damage is in order she said “there is an argument” for such action.


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