Ex-LS Editor Hilary Aked Denounces Aaron Porter

Ex-London Student Editor Hilary Aked has publically criticised Aaron Porter’s belief that the violence shown at Millbank was “despicable”.

On her facebook page, Miss Aked states that “Aaron Porter degrades the English language with the shit that comes out of his mouth. The torture of Iraqis by the British military – THAT’s ‘despicable violence’.” She also links to a video on the guardian website in which a soldier shouts abuse at iraqi prisoners.

In a previous post, Aked defends the damage to the Millbank building itself, saying that “The Tories can afford a few new windows – society can’t afford the ‘despicable violence’ of these education cuts!!!”

The Lion

2 responses to “Ex-LS Editor Hilary Aked Denounces Aaron Porter

  1. But two wrongs don’t make a right. Yes, the abuse of Iraqis is disgusting and sickening violence. But that doesn’t make it okay to damage property in London – even if it does belong to Tory scum. Look at this morning’s media coverage and the wider public reaction (which is not actually dissimilar to that of many students, at least most I know going on people’s FB statuses and those I’ve spoken to): people are generally against the cuts and tuition fee rises, but a lot of goodwill for our cause opposing them has been lost and overshadowed by headlines about riots and shock at the scenes at Millbank.

  2. Making this comparison is such an obvious emotional trick. It’s like saying ‘What’s a few broken windows in comparison to the Holocaust?’ They’re two entirely separate issues. But then, no-one’s expecting this debate to be conducted with logic and rationality. Porter’s done a fairly solid job, and I doubt he cares what the hysterical fringe of student politics thinks anyway.

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