Website to support Milbank protesters set up

A website offering advice and support to the Milbank protesters has been set up.

The website claims to be, “a network of people committed to unconditional solidarity with you after the events at the Conservative Party HQ in Millbank today. This is the least we can do. The state and corporate media have already started a campaign of repression.”

The advise protesters to avoid speaking to anyone about the events at Milbank.

The website states: ”

You have the right to silence. This means you have the right not to incriminate yourself. So we recommend you do NOT. SAY NOTHING TO NO-ONE ONLINE OR OFFLINE, ON THE PHONE OR IN PERSON about the events.

“Even if the Police arrest you, interview you, put your name and photo in the newspaper CALL A GOOD SOLICITOR.”

You can view the website here.


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