NUS President denies ‘spineless dithering’

Aaron Porter, NUS President, denies reports calling his stance on direct action “spineless”.

A recent report from The Guardian said: “NUS president Aaron Porter apologised today [Sunday] for his “spineless” lack of public support for university occupations around the country.”

Clare Solomon, ULU President, referred to this article in an e-mail to ULU Senate, saying: “In a surprise turn of events, Aaron Porter has apologised for his ‘spineless dithering’ … and has fully supported ULU’s proposals and actions and is working with me to organise tmrws action.”

The e-mail was also sent to an e-mail group called Active Politial Leadership. Porter responded to this e-mail saying: “Just to be clear Clare, I think your message is a bit mis-leading.

“Yesterday, I re-stated my support for non-violent direct action, and encouraged further actions from SUs.

“The ‘spineless dithering’ wasn’t in reference to myself as has been reported, but rather a sometimes timid approach taken by NUS in the past. Which is not appropriate in the current climate, faced with the huge cuts and proposed tuition fee rises.

“I’m keen that we mount all reasonable campaign actions we can, and we lead a united student movement.”

ULU Senate is the governing body of ULU, consisting of a sabbatical representive from each constituant college of University of London.


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