Update from all over London

It is thought that protesters have split into more than ten groups of varying sizes.

We’ve had reports come in from people at Buckingham Palace, The Strand (main group), Marble Arch, Piccadilly, Hyde Park and Parliament Square.

It is thought that protesters are going to try and re-convene at Trafalgar Square. There are reportedly 10 police vans waiting at Trafalgar Square.

On the ground protesters are asking where they should be going, and have said they felt the protest was dis-organised, though understandable because people have been trying to avoid being kettled.

A group of school kids told London Student that they had come to the protest with the encouragement of their teachers, though hadn’t told their parents they were coming.

One response to “Update from all over London

  1. It’s the dis-organisation that makes it so effective! Keep moving and watch the police try to keep up!

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