Hours go by, 700 people still kettled on Westminster Bridge

22:32 A view from the bridge

After a whole day of protests, around 700 people are being kept on Westminster Bridge by police.

The police are not releasing any protesters at the moment and have given no justification to those kettled for their current containment tactics.

London Student reporter Andrew de Castro, who remains on the bridge with the protesters, said: “Police led students onto Westminster Bridge at 9pm after over an hour of being kettled. Around 700 are now contained on the bridge, with police refusing to justify thir actions, even to legal observers.”

Legal observers attend protests as witnesses to police actions for the protesters.

Castro added: “No end in sight, no provisions and still no legal justification.”

Sir Paul Stephenson, Metropolitan Police Commissioner, said: “The response from our officers has been one of bravery, professionalism and determination to control an extremely challenging situation and maintain peace and order on the streets of the capital.”


9 responses to “Hours go by, 700 people still kettled on Westminster Bridge

  1. That is the trap and it is diabolic. The Police is told to keep the students blocked off. At the same time the Socialists and Anarchists are among the students instigating violence.
    “They” are counting on you to be violent to further the erosion of your freedoms.
    The best thing is for the students to police themselves and just sit down and do nothing. DO NOT GIVE THE POLICE A REASON TO COME DOWN HARD.

  2. It doesnt surprise me – they were willing enough to hit innocent peaceful protestors with batons who were being used as human shields by troublemakers!

  3. It seems as if it is going to take some kind of disaster – a kid dying or the like – before anyone will call the Met to account. What the hell is going on? I am starting to not recognise the country I am living in.

  4. Personally I hope they are kept there all night – might make them stop their bloody moaning.

  5. They are now being let out, my friend was right at the front, he said they are being let out slowly, and there are hundreds still there waiting for their turn…why this wasn’t reported in the news anywhere, I don’t know

  6. LawAbidingCitizen

    Disgracful behaviour by the police and the government. Its about time people stood up for what they believe in.

  7. They should toss them all in the river, give them their first wash! Then they can clean up the disgusting mess they’ve made of our Capital. Absolute scum.

  8. Hit the police with a lawsuit. There’s more than enough evidence contained in all the footage. With the technology we have at our disposal today, surely they can’t get away with what they’ve done? The world can see what happened.

  9. The protesters have caused enough damage to the police to justify them being contained. After the vote was passed nothing would have been achieved and they have disgraced themselves.

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