KCL Radio lose live-broadcast virginity at Varsity

This year’s Varsity marks KCL Radio’s first ever live broadcast. They expect to be on air from 7pm and plan to wrap up by 9.30pm, however they have been busy preparing pre-match coverage already.

KCL student, Freya Pascall, will be among those reporting. Have already spoken to the KCL teams and managers, she was confident of her teams’ chances. “The men are number 1 in league so that definitely puts in them in good standing,” she said

Freya was certain that the rivalry would extend from the pitch to the commentary box. “I made the half time feature and it is battle of the alumni bands. And Kings win because I am biased,” she said.

UCL have brought along their station manager to commentated on KCL Radio so it is hoped that his contingency will balance out the bias.

Coverage will extend far beyond commentary. KCL chatshow host Sam Norris will be presenting and there will be roving reporters interviewing crowd and players at halftime.

KCL presenter, Jonny Dixon, will be certain to make his mark. “It will not be full on serious. We will ask things that are nothing to do with rugby as well,” he said.

The KCL radio tech team have just arrived and are hurrying to set up their mobile studion. Presenter Freya Pascall explains the difficulty of putting together the first live broadcast without even having the comfort of a permanent studio: “We have lots of techinical people in the background fiddling with buttons and things. We think we need more luck than the teams!”



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