tash’s view (VPSME KCLSU)

To be honest I don’t really know a lot about sport, but all I can say is it’s pretty gutting that KCL womens’ rugby lost to UCL as they’ve had a really successful season. They did beat UCL in a league match though so they’re actually a really good team.

I don’t want to jinx it but I reckon that KCL Mens’ Rugby have a great chance. Hopefully they will reclaim the glory of Varsity 2009, the proudest moment in the lives of many, no more than Jason Ford, who did a legendary kick in order to seize the victory.

The atmosphere at Richmond is fantastic – we may have lost the first game but KCL are definitely stronger in terms of chanting crowd presence.


5 responses to “tash’s view (VPSME KCLSU)

  1. Ummm…KCL ladies haven’t beaten UCL in a league or a cup match in at least the last 5 years. They did, however, score 8 points against us this season. Though against them we scored 94. *cough* A little bit of misinformation here?

  2. Not to sound petty, but at UCL we have had another undefeated season in ULU winning the league and the cup. KCL have had a good season but still haven’t beaten us!
    Varsity this year was a very good game, which I thoroughly enjoyed playing in (for UCL) so thank you to KCL ladies!

  3. Anthea Taderera

    Point of clarification: The KCL women’s rugby team whilst potentially being a decent team has not as yet given the UCL women’s rugby team a true run for their money, let alone beaten them. KCL most certainly DID NOT beat UCL in a league match, although they did score a penalty meaning UCL conceded three points. Baby steps right?

  4. That’s great news. Which match was it that KCL won? I must have missed that/ been away that week!!

  5. UCL no. 5. player

    Actually, King’s have never beaten the UCL Women in a league game, and they should be happy there was no time for a proper warm-up for UCL as they got beaten by a whopping 70-3 before Christmas. Check your sources.

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