Abs Hassamali, ULU Student Trustee elect hopes for peaceful march

We spoke to Abs Hassamali who has been elected as one of ULU’s student trustee’s. He spoke of his thoughts for the day.

“Today you can see people taking to the street for a change in politics, change in education and the right to freedom.

This ia the same coeliion government that encourages us to be courageous but it is certainly not courageous to cut education by 50%”

Abs spoke of being heavily involved in the organising of today, making placards and contributing as he put it “his part”.

He spoke further about todays plans. “We’ve had great a achievement so far but today shows something even greater, a right to liberation. Here we have hundreds and thousands of people who together can make a difference.”

He told us that occupations are planning to join together, and will head to hyde park. He finished with telling us “we need to peacefully protest and have our word spoken”.

Beth Bridewell and Ben Parfitt


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