Black Bloc Rave at Trafalgar

Rebecca Jones, QMUL

Black Bloc are currently holding an impromptu dup step rave outside of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. Rumours abound that there will be an attempt to occupy the square for 24 hours in solidarity with Egypt. The move has been dubbed “Make Trafalgar Square Tianamon Square”


4 responses to “Black Bloc Rave at Trafalgar

  1. Well done – you have dominated the Sunday newspapers yet again with something that has absolutely nothing to do with the TUC march this morning – congratulations.

  2. You can’t spell Tiananmen – dear oh dear……and what has Tiananmen square got to do with London, England 2011? We are not under a communist state and our police force (themselves who were on the march this morning as they are public sector workers) would not drive tanks and kill people!

  3. dup step?!! lol

  4. Solidarity with Egypt?! Since when was the UK under a dictatorship? You need to go to school more often and stop truanting!

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