Clowns protest and joke at police.


Each of the clowns have their own political views but the rebel clowns army main aim isn’t to bring a political stance to the protest but an attempt to make the march fun. Neus the clown put it “its an attempt to approach police in a non threatening way. We want to engage people who wouldn’t normally get involved. We dont aim to antagonise anyone, just have some fun”

The group we spoke to are from
Edinburgh and are suppose to be meeting up with 50-100 other clowns. They spoke of under going clown training in glasgow. They have been at 2 previous marches in London and Edinburgh.

One of the clowns twin sisters said “I’ve just got involved and don’t really know what to expect but will find out what happens as we go along.”

The workshop Neus spoke of apparently involves warm ups and the ability to see where everyone is and to provide entertainment to strangers.

They aim to be a positive group amidst any frustration and anger that people show.

Beth Bridewell


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