No Cuts for Vital Charity Workers

Caz Parra and Rebecca Jones, QMUL

QMedia just interviewed Gabriella Quevedo from a movement known as the Columbia Solidarity Campain (CSC). The CSC is part of a larger movement called the Latin American Coalition Against Cuts (LACAC) which is a grassroots organisation aimed at helping different sectors of the immigrant community in Britain. Gabriella says that “these cuts affect the work we do with immigrants. They create hostility between workers and their employers.” The LACAC’s flyer also highlights how cuts to the job sector also exacerbate xenophobia as immigrants jobs are usually the ones to go first. The LACAC creates a friendly environment to help immigrants, advising and supporting them. Gabriella says, “We are against the cuts as a principle. We thinks it’s intolerable that this government is destroying the NHS, something that workers fought so hard for. We believe in better. Our work helps the government.”

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