Police statement on today’s protest

Today’s TUC March for the Alternative has been peaceful and well-stewarded. However, there have been a number of separate incidents including the throwing of missiles in the Oxford Street area and criminal damage in Shaftesbury Avenue. Police are on the scene and a small number of arrests have been made in connection with these incidents. There have been a small number of arrests made for various public order offences, criminal damage and violent disorder.

Commander Bob Broadhurst said: “The main TUC march has been going well. We have had more than quarter of a million people with hardly any problems. Unfortunately we have had a group of approximately 500 criminals committing some disorder including throwing paint at Top Shop in Oxford Street and the police, and scaring the public who are trying to shop. That has been concerning but we are on top of it. We have had a small number of arrests for public order offences and criminal damage but the main march has been peaceful.”


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