Met police impose ‘additional conditions’ on protest #nov9

According to LBC, the Met Police have released a statement saying:

We have imposed additional conditions on today’s protest in order to avoid serious disruption to the life of Londoners and to avoid any potential damage to property or public disorder.

These conditions are that the protestors should gather for no more than two hours when the main body of the march arrives at London Wall, and that they should restrict their rally to the agreed location of London Wall.

Protestors must also remain on the agreed route and must not enter Bank junction, Princess Street, Threadneedle Street, Lombard Street, Cornhill, Poultry and Mansion House.

We will notify protestors on the route of these additional conditions by way of Twitter updates and text and officers will also use loudspeaker and hand out leaflets and on the route.

Anyone who knowingly fails to comply with these conditions, or who incites others to fail to comply is committing an offence and may be liable to arrest.


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