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Importance of Education

There are feelings of solidarity with the students and lecturers marching today from all over London. Office worker Eileen Kelly says, “We would never have stood for it, education should be one of the most important sectors, not one of the first to be cut.” Ed Ruthers, who works in Shaftesbury Avenue, will later be attending the march. He commented, “It is a mistake by the coalition to cut so drastically, I will be there to support and sympathize. I regret my vote for Nick Clegg.”
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Students Storm Millbank Tower

Students have stormed Millbank Tower, shouting ‘Tory scum’.

They threw flowers nicked from plant pots, released green gas, and shouted at staff before leaving.

From outside they proceeded to smash numerous windows, hurled wood and other objects at the building.

Susanna, who works in the building, said: “It’s outrageous. Bit misplaced considering this isn’t even a Tory organisation.” Students then proceeded to smash windows. As yet, reports of whether the Conservative Party are still based in Millbank Tower have not been conclusive. Offices were used by the party during the election campaign, but it is believed that these were vacated after the election. This has not stopped students from launching wooden missiles at windows of the building. In addition, a peaceful protest is taking place inside the lobby of the tower, with a police cordon hemming the protesters in.

Reactions to the action at Millbank Tower have been mixed. Tom Wilson, from Rose Bruford Drama School, said: “I don’t give a fuck if a window gets smashed. It needs to be known. We’re serious.”
Holly Ellis, from the same drama school, differed in her opinion: “I agree with what we’re protesting for but not in the way some are going about it.”

Student have now started bonfires outside the Tory headquarters, shouting, “No ifs, no buts, no education cuts’

Jamie Ellis, from Plymouth Uni, held alight a burning placard saying, “Making a statement”.

LSE students on the march… [Photos]

Brief Standstill at Trafalgar Square

SURHUL show their support and Rachel Pearson, President, comments:
“It’s really exciting to see so many people here and more specifically
so many from Holloway showing that we aren’t happy. I urge everyone to
get involved even if they aren’t here today with events that follow.”

Oliver Parsons (LGBT rep) with Doug German (equality and liberations
officer) and Rachel Pearson (President) pictured.

LSE Banner Round-up so far

For anyone lacking amusement on a Wednesday afternoon, the NUS demo provides if nothing else a chance to spot some fairly hilarious banners. The erudition and eloquence of protesters never ceases to tickle the Beaver’s fancy. Here, via our tweeters down on the ground, are a selection of the best so far.

Shit is Browne

Which is the kind of rhetoric beloved of Touchstone in As You Like It.

Saucy boy Clegg – grow a pair

And finally,

Try breaking this sign, Nick Robinson