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A message from a SOAS spokeperson regarding the occupation

A SOAS spokesperson said: “Since Monday the School has been working with the Students’ Union (SU) to find a way forward following the occupation of the Brunei Suite by a group of students.

“In line with the policy on occupations, SOAS does not enter into discussions with anyone occupying School premises but is committed to open discussion via the Students’ Union.

“Every effort has been made to resolve the situation but despite the best efforts of the School and the SU, the group has refused to leave the building until their demands are met. With great regret, the School has sought an injunction to regain possession of the suite which was issued to the group at 1.15pm yesterday (24 November).

“This is not a course of action that we have taken lightly and would have much preferred to have addressed students’ concerns through the established channels. We share the concerns of many about the implications of government proposals for higher education in general, and for SOAS in particular. We hope that it will be possible to reach a positive conclusion to these events.

“The School’s policy on occupations was unanimously approved in October 2009 by the SOAS Governing Body, which includes representatives of the School’s Students’ Union. The policy can be found on the School’s website:

“Many avenues are open to students who wish to bring concerns to the attention of the School. This includes raising such concerns with the elected representatives of the Students’ Union who meet regularly with the School Director and other senior members of staff.

“We would encourage the group to end the occupation and return the space to our colleagues in the Brunei Gallery.”


UCL in dance-off

UCL’s occupation have challenged Oxford University’s occupation to a dance off. LSJSN is yet to see Oxford’s reply but here is UCL’s initial battle cry, to the soulful voice of James Brown.

SOAS still in occupation, Management agree to negotiate

Despite having a court injunction against them, students at SOAS continue to occupy the Brunei Gallery.

The occupiers had been told to expect baliffs to come last night and evict them from the room but none showed.

Management had previously refused to negotiate with the occupiers, preferring instead to discuss the matter with the Students’ Union, who have been acting as a mediator between the two parties.

However, management have since agreed to meet with a delegation from the occuparion. The occupiers are currently in the process of electing that delegation to go and meet with management.

Babyshambles play impromptu gig

Babyshambles are at the SOAS occupation playing an impromptu set for the protesters.

SOAS management refuse negotiations

SOAS management refuse to negotiate with protesters while they’re in occupation but continue to liase with Students Union officers.