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UCL open day steward heckled by protesters

by Joe Rennison

A UCL student who is out stewarding for UCL’s Open Day has told of being heckled by passing protesters.

Chandni Hindocha said that passing protesters had criticised her for being part of UCL’s Open Day, adding, “How dare you organise an open day when we’re striking.”

Hindocha said that the open day had been organised prior to the strike and thought it probably wasn’t ideal for UCL either. However, she did not seem to upset by the incident.

She said: It’s not their [the protesters] fault. They’re just passionate about what they are protesting. I don’t really care.”



by Hesham Zakai

Protesters have been kettled on the Trafalgar Square side of Whitehall Road.

Those arrested earlier have apparently been taken to Charring Cross Police Station.

Arrests Made

by Hesham Zakai

Students who had been on the march have been arrested at Whitehall, though it is unclear what for.

People’s Assembly

Caz Parra, QMedia

People’s assembly outside or Westminster Abbey. A few people are designated ‘turn givers’, they walk around with yellow signs among the crowd


Update from Methodist Centre Hall

Caz Parra, QMedia

“Young people: get active and join a trade union” says a young striker. “Student or worker, we’re in this together”