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LSJSN and KCL Radio present The London Varsity: KCL vs UCL Rugby


Players of the match

Women’s: Jess Gregory (UCL)

Men’s:Phil Jones (KCL)

Let’s not forget this in the sea emotion. Congrautations once again to KCL.

This concludes our live coverage of Varsity 2011. Thank you for joining us tonight. We’ll see you next year…

To the victors the spoils

This game is impossible to analyse right now. Both sides will be reliving this for weeks, for very different reasons.

King’s emerge as the 2011 Varsity champions as the ground is awash in a sea of jubilation. As Vinny Jones might say, “it’s been emotional”. Congratualtions once again to KCL. In the week that celebrated the foundation of the College, they have wrested the trophy from the hands of the “Gower Street Scum”.

The one lesson we can all take from tonight? It ain’t over till it’s over.

It doesn’t get any bigger or better than this.

If you’re a King’s student that is. UCL crowd has left in droves, the despair of defeat too much to cope with. King’s fans pour onto the pitch, elated. Presentations will start soon, but it would be fair to say that all who witness this match will never forget it.

The King’s team are greeted as heroes, and rightly so. Fantastic second fightback by the lads.


Half the crowd are on the pitch. The other is drawing breath. Could this be the most dramatic finish to a Varsity game ever?

Congratulations to KCL for a hard fought victory. The UCL players are in shock. Spare a thought for them tonight.