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UCL go for try under posts.

After a scrum in the corner, UCL get the ball out and make the try under the posts. Making a straight forward kick for number 6, the score is brought to UCL 7- 5 Kings.


Press conference with Goldsmiths UCU and ULU President part two

Press conference with Goldsmiths UCU and ULU President part one

Des Freedman: Staff not received warnings

Des Freedman: “this is about all those students that will be prevented from studying.”

“These cuts are not necessary, they are not inevitable, and if enough people stand together… these conservative cuts will be reversed,” he added.

He continued: “We are doing this because we want to protect goldsmiths, like all the other universities.”

He said that the staff who have spoken out have not received warnings from management at Goldsmiths.

Clare Solomon: Media skewed their coverage

Asked if she’s concerned what these protests will be remembered for, she said that the media have skewed their coverage.

“I think it is ironic that the people condemning the violence are also thos people that voted for wars in Iraq,” she added.