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Breakdown of arrests so far #nov9

by Hesham Zakai, London Student

The police have provided more details on the 20 arrests made so far. They are as follows:

3 x Section 2 and 3 of the Public Order Act (violent disorder and affray respectively)
1 x Offensive Weapon
3x Going Equipped
1x Section 60aa
12 x breach of the Peace


Are black cab drivers joining the demonstration? #9nov #nov9

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Signs galore

Today’s seen the old chants and posters coming back alongside fresh creative protest material.
This was left on the floor next to a group of smoking city workers gazing on as the crowd moved past …

Out for a stroll along Victoria Embankment

By Carmel Shortall

Following these guys to get back to the demo…

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9 November, 2011 15:32

The previous message was being echoed through the front of the demonstration- most topical chant of the day.