The first London Student Journalism Awards, in our humble opinion, were a roaring success. However, it is important to mention that the success on of the event is down to the hard work of many people.

LSJSN would like to thank everyone that entered the awards, everyone who attended the awards, every editor that helped out, University of London Union (ULU) for providing the venue and the bar for giving us cheap drinks, Harmsworth Printers and Streetrunners Distributers for sponsoring the event.

LSJSN would also like to thank Timout, News Of The World, The New Statesman, The Sun, Camden New Journal and Chris Gloag for offering awards to the winners of each category.

Finally, LSJSN would like to thank James Philip Johnston for his superb DJ skills, Dougal Wallace and Chris ‘Moose’ Wright for being phenomenal photographers, Kirsten Dewar for organising everything, Tom Miller for playing piano and Kat Lay for being our Guest of Honour.

The winners were decided by the editors of publications across London. These awards honour the wealth of student journalism being produced across London. Furthermore, because we are student journalists too, LSJSN recognises the trials and tribulations that student journalists face when balancing a passion for journalism with studying for a degree.

The team from Felix pose for the camera after being declared Publication Of The Year


Publication Of The Year

Winner: Felix, student newspaper of Imperial College London
Prize: Respect and adulation

Commentator Of The Year

Winner: Josh White, QMessenger, Queen Mary
Runner up: Luke Smolinksi, The Beaver, LSE
Prize: Lunch with Helen Lewis-Hesteley from The New Statesman

Features Reporter Of The Year 

Winner: Kate Brook, The Founder, Royal Holloway
Runner up: Natalie Cox, Pi Magazine, UCL
Prize: Work experience at News Of The World

News Reporter Of The Year

Winner: Oliver Wiseman, The Beaver, LSE
Runner up: Charles Betts, Felix, Imperial
Prize: Work experience at Camden New Journal

Sports Reporter Of The Year

Winner: Ben Parfitt, London Student, University of London
Runner up: Stuart Smedley, The Beaver, LSE
Prize: Work experience at The Sun

Critic Of The Year

Winner: Charles Betts, Felix, Imperial
Runner up: Sam Price, London Student, University of London
Prize: Work experience at Timeout

Photographer Of The Year

Winner: Will Hadley and Keeren Flora, Cub, Queen Mary
Runner up: Tom James, PiMagazine, UCL
Prize: Time in the studio with Chris Gloag


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