Police update on arrests and size of #9nov #nov9 demonstration

The Met have told London Student that the previous estimate of a 2,000 turnout is incorrect. Instead, they agree with NCAFC’s estimate of 10,000.

20 arrests have been confirmed so far.


Michael Chessum addresses the crowd #9nov

by The Lion Newspaper


More info on “fight”

According to a demonstrator who witnessed it: the earlier “fight” was a snatch squad of undercover police starting a confrontation with some demonstrators taking photographs of them. The police weighed in and they left as a gang.

Laurie Penny “hit in the jaw by a female police officer” #nov9 #9nov

Laurie Penny has reported on her Twitter that she was “hit in the jaw by a female police officer” as she got caught up in the midst of a scuffle.

Minor scuffle at London Wall #nov9

At london wall in the crowd a small fight led to police entering and snatching away those fighting- as yet unconfirmed if it was an undercover officer being “unmasked”.