The Beaver

The Beaver is the newspaper of the LSE Students’ Union. Its rather daft name was coined by Nobel laureate George Bernard Shaw back in May 1949, and it’s picked up quite a reputation ever since.

We’re a weekly publication with a circulation of 3,5000, and we aim to beat a decisive and objective path through the forest of student politics, School scandals and society achievements.

We also have a website, which has been quoted in the Guardian and the International Herald Tribune among others.

This Wednesday, we’ll be sending down a veritable army of foraging writers, tweeters and photographers to the NUS demonstration. That’s not to say we agree with all its aims – just that we recognise students’ right to activism and believe that it should be reported on in an impartial and informative way.

We hope you enjoy our contributions to the LSJSN’s coverage, and feel compelled to visit our website or subscribe to our Twitter profile, which looks rather pleasant. Who knows – next time you’re strolling through Holborn, you might even be moved to pick up a copy.


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